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Aug. 3rd, 2029


Any problems with the way I play Misao? Suggestions, plot, problems with the way I behave in the game's OOC communities? Desires to spam me with horrible Soujirou/Misao porn just to give me something to rant angrily about? That big purple link above you is for that!

(Comments disabled to this post because I'd rather this was all in my musebox.)


000 && Application Post

NAME: Kath
AGE: 21
JOURNAL: yesthatnagia
IM: HotVelvetDamn
E-MAIL: nagia_arc@yahoo.com
RETURNING: Returning from a drop. I played Misao here before.

Long app is, as always, long.Collapse )

000 && Part Deux && Permissions Post

Permissions Post.

Things to know about Misao!

1. Misao is an onmitsu. Apparently that technically makes her not a ninja, but Watsuki overlooked that little technicality, so we will too. (Cue a "ninjas are mammals," "ninjas flip out and kill things" spiel.)

2. Misao is onmitsu from a clan called the Oniwabanshuu (not actually a ninja clan in IRL history, but in Misao's canon, it is, so the history breakage is not mine), which, as of Autumn 1879, had a three hundred year history in the martial arts.

3. Misao has been raised by various kinds of ninja, both wild and domesticated.

4. Misao has been canonically shown to be an above-average martial artist and possess Charles Atlas Super Powers

If you aren't comfortable with Misao being able to force your character to the ground in a submission hold or be sneaky near your character, please comment here!

I don't like to play overlevelled characters (hence why her super-power, as seen below, is so tied down with checks and balances) and I would really hate to god-mod, so even if you don't comment here, please be sure to let me know if I ever over-step my bounds.

Misao's actual super-power is temporary super strength and limited regeneration when she is using impromptu weapons. Said super strength only lasts so long as the weapon does, which means that she will often pick up something, throw it at you really hard, and then realize that she now has to find something else to hit you with. (Yes, this is a super-power meant for splatstick combat comedy, however did you guess?)

For the sake of clarity, I'm defining impromptu weapons as:
- ONLY things that are not conventional weapons (therefore, knives [even kitchen knives], baseball bats, swords, tessen, naginata, etc. do not count). Things that would count? Lamps, vases, paper fans, newspapers, eyeglasses used as metal knuckles, etc. Misao went to the Gussy Two-Grins school of "Anything's A Weapon," only it was taught by wild ninja.
- ONLY things she can lift without the aid of super strength (therefore, cars, people and lightpoles do not count).
- ONLY things she is actively trying to hurt you with. Her super-strength will not engage if she smacks somebody playfully with a paper fan--it will only engage if she is actively trying to hurt somebody with that paper fan. (Essentially, it runs on "intent," making it a bit closer to magic than a metahuman mutation.)
- NEVER an object she has thought about using as a weapon for more than twenty to thirty seconds. It must be impromptu.

For the sake of clarity, I'm limiting her regeneration to:
- ONLY active concurrently with the super strength
- ONLY works on superficial abrasions, contusions, and dislocated joints.
- NEVER works on anything more serious than that. If you impale her with something, it will hurt her very badly, and if you impale her in the right spot, it will be hurting her very badly before it is killing her. No coming back from the brink of death for this girl. Sticks and stones will break her bones, and her super power won't do a damn thing about it.

Again, if you have any specifics about how far you are/are not willing to let this super-power affect your character should your character ever meet her in combat, please do let me know!
Things happening, not to mention AWA coming up next week. I'll be on full hiatus until Monday 21 September. Jesse, I'll continue to update the log when I can. Otherwise, no new logs or tags.

Back from my hiatus.

My comment to the hiatus post was here. Why I was never added to the hiatus list, I do not know.

Jun. 22nd, 2009

The Character Expression Meme

Character: Makimachi Misao
Journal: amnotaweasel
RPG: capeandcowl

.sympathy..evil..innocent..in love.

Snag yourself the coding here.