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there's a section of sky in the east that i hold dear

there's a spot on the sea that reminds me of peace

Makimachi Misao
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Makimachi Misao
There's a section of sky in the east that I hold in my mind that I hold dear
by the way there's a place where I hide all the things all the clouds that grow pregnant with fear

There's a spot on the sea that reminds me of peace that I try and hold in my mind
but it rocks me to sleep where the sun turns to glitter with a dream and a tear in my eye

I feel the pull of the moon and it's phases and you and your fancies
as I sit on a fence there's a place in my heart where ever you are
and as long as you're there I can never get lost
--Nakamura Goh, "Section of Sky"
Character Info
Misao ; 16 ; kaiseki cook ; onmitsu ; cheerful, energetic, in love with Shinomori Aoshi ; secretly has no secrets
Player Info
Kath ; 21 ; college student ; a perfectionist, can be slow to reply, loves to do fight scenes ; secretly a superhero (her power? she doesn't eat)
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